MITOS Associate Programme

Our Associate Programme is specifically designed to bring a deeper understanding of the power of emotions, how to utilise them and grow in resilience to enable greater connection with yourself, your family and colleagues. The programme is more than just new information; we teach you tools that can be implemented straight away and lead to healthy and sustainable adjustments in communication, confidence and empathic approaches.
The way our brain and body process emotions and emotional experiences is amazing. When we don't understand why we experience challenging emotions we can be left with a myriad of emotions. 
Our Associate Programme aims to educate on what's happening inside the brain and explore why we feel emotional experiences in our physical body. We teach tools to help bring peace in moments of dysregulation, build emotional language, explore neuroscience behind emotions, develop understanding that emotions are a data source to be utilised, develop a better awareness of self and others, perspective taking, setting and defining healthy boundaries within self and work settings, restorative approaches to conflict.
            Anyone is welcome to join our programmes which run in two formats. Online programmes run over 5 sessions, weekly or fortnightly, over three months. Our intensive programme is run over a week. All Programmes are capped at 12 people.
Corporate rates are £1,500 per person and we do have the option of privately funded rates so please get in touch.

Upcoming Associate Programmes

Please get in touch via the contact us page to register your interest.

Emotion Coaching Training

We run 60-90min workshops to introduce emotion coaching concepts and basic tools around self management.

Team Connection Days

Half or full days given to increasing connection within individuals and between team members. We cover the neuroscience of emotions, emotional language and how to read the data that emotions provide. We use a dynamic mix of tools and activities to create a fun and safe environment to explore and learn together.

Training Partners

Olive Branch Consultancy
Olive Branch Consultancy provides expertly designed mental health and professional development training in both the corporate and education sector. We are working with Olive Branch to offer Emotional Resilience Training, with a particular focus on school settings.