MITOS Associate Programme (MAP)

MAP is designed to bring a deeper understanding of the power of emotions; how to utilise them, building resilience, facilitating greater emotional connection with self and others.

  • Basic neuroscience of emotion
  • Emotions as a data source
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Meta-emotion philosophy
  • Emotional filters
  • Grief & Loss (of experience, not just death)
  • Restorative approaches to conflict
  • Boundaries
  • Comparison
  • Forgiveness

All tools can be implemented immediately following the session and lead to healthy and sustainable adjustments in communication, confidence, and empathic approaches.

 Who is it for?

Programme delegates join us for both personal and professional development which brings a unique flavour to each Programme. We aim to bring tools and information to individuals who we will catch it and run with it in their spheres of influence. The resources are applicable in all areas of personal and professional life.

MAP is limited to 12 participants. We do not publicly advertise however you are free to share this invitation with others you believe would be interested in joining us.

Corporate rates are £1,500 per person and we do have the option of privately funded rates so please get in touch if this is of interest.

For more information and to download our application form click here

Upcoming Associate Programmes

Our next programme will be held early 2024. To register your interest please get in touch via the contact us page and let us know whether you need the training to be condensed into a week or over a number of weeks and whether it needs to be online or in person (Bath, UK). Alternatively you can download an application form.

Emotion Coaching Training

We run 60-90min workshops to introduce emotion coaching concepts and basic tools around self management.

Team Connection Days

Half or full days given to increasing connection within individuals and between team members. We cover the neuroscience of emotions, emotional language and how to read the data that emotions provide. We use a dynamic mix of tools and activities to create a fun and safe environment to explore and learn together.

Training Partners

Olive Branch Consultancy
Olive Branch Consultancy provides expertly designed mental health and professional development training in both the corporate and education sector. We are working with Olive Branch to offer Emotional Resilience Training, with a particular focus on school settings.